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Number 7 Plastic


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Number 7 Plastic


Scientists are warning consumers about the safety of plastics in everything from bottles to the lining in canned goods. Their concern is over the chemical Bisphenal A and a leading researcher from the University of Missouri (Columbia) said the chemical should be seen as more dangerous than lead in paint or asbestos, because it is more widespread.

Professor Fred Vom Saal said Bisphenal A, or BPA, which mimics the effects of estrogen, can be found in clear, hard plastics, as well as the liners of cans -- soda cans, beer cans and canned food.

Vom Saal said the chemical can lead to prostate, ovarian and breast cancer. It can damage immune systems, brain function and cause infertility.

He said those most susceptible to BPA are individuals already at risk for cancer and people trying to have children, but most of Vom Saal's concern is for unborn babies and newborns.

"You do not see the damage in your baby at birth," Vom Saal said. "This chemical programs the equivalent of a time bomb into your baby's body and that time bomb a will be expressed later on in life as a potentially incurable disease."

Professor Vom Saal recommends consumers get rid of any 'No. 7' plastics in your house. They are usually hard plastic that you can see through. Look on the bottom of the container for the number seven.

There are alternatives to those plastics on the market. Consumers should look for products that say 'BPA Free' on the packaging.

The photo with the story shows a couple of sippy cups as well as a sports bottle.

I recommend Kleen Kanteen instead. We have one with a sippy adapter and one with a sports bottle adapter and they both work very well. Just keep a bottle brush on hand to clean. Easy peasy and no worries about nasties in your precious little one's drink.

PS I just noticed that the Gerber baby food containers are number 7 plastic. Ick. I had already switched to Earth's Best because I found Target actually has a good stock of varied flavors, but this just makes me want to steer clear of Gerber all the more.

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